“Nothing but the memories”

I started this site because I wanted a diary of my journey since the accident. Memories fade as time passes and I recognised the benefit of creating a journal of sorts.

This page is dedicated to my ‘memories’ posts so that I can reflect on what I have been through. Both physically and emotionally.  These links should tell the story in something resembling chronological order and I’ll keep adding relevant posts as the tale develops.

Although this is intentionally for my own benefit I hope you may find something positive in here somewhere.

The accident

Hospital memories part 1 – Spain

Hospital memories part 2 – Spain

Hospital memories part 3 – Appreciating the simple things

Hospital memories part 4 – Floating head

Hospital memories part 5 – Flashbacks



Hospital memories part 6 – The pain

Hospital memories part 7 – Moving on



  1. I think reflection is always good…good to know where we have been and what has brought us to the NOW. I do not know how you deal with what life has brought to your doorstep. I can tell you this—I feel like a selfish, self-pitying person after reading the suffering that you have endured and STILL you give to others! You have the courage of few! Many would just say, “to hell with it all”—–but YOU don’t—-you take it and rise above it! and seek life and give life!

    • In all honesty, I quite often wish I could say “to hell with it all” but it would just be self harm. It’s not a healthy way to live.

      Thank you again for the very touching words

      • Yes…you are correct in saying “it would just be self harm. It’s not a healthy way to live” I suffer from depression…I fight like hell to keep going…I won’t give up…it is hard and lonely…sometimes I wonder WHY I have to be here by myself…but where else would I go…LOL….I am shy, actually…and I pen what i wish I would have the courage to say aloud…You see now WHY I think YOU are such a noble man!

      • You just said “I wonder WHY I have to be here myself” but you are not, you can’t be on your own if you are busy talking to people. Don’t underestimate the bravery you show by writing your feeling down, it can be just as difficult as talking to someone. All you need to do is look at your site and recognise that many people are inspired by and benefit from your words. I think you and I are very similar.

  2. Steven, you are so right…we are kindred spirits! thank you for your insight! my back is in a spasm…i m typing with one finger…cannot sleep because of my back..the birds outside my window each began to chirp in unison at 4:50 this morning…it is AMAZING TO ME HOW THEY ALL BEGIN TO SING AT ONCE! smile…….You are a sweet young man…blessings to you! thank you for your friendship! yes, i think you are correct…i m “talking silence”…sweet!…yes, it does take courage to write one’s feelings…i played FARMVILLE for a year and then one day a former student said to me< "Ms Johann, there is so much LIFE–you cannot waste your life on games!"…and so the student became the teacher, and the teacher the student….I still resisted for awhile…and then found WordPress…now WordPress is my new best friend!..lol…next to you!

    • Farmville is good but don’t think I could manage a whole year!

      For the student to become the teacher requires some very good teaching to begin with, I can imagine you were a great teacher! Do you miss it?

  3. Thank you again for sharing. This must have been horrible for you, but you are still so positive. I try to be that too, but sometimes I find it to hard to keep smiling and just want to hide in the dark. But my friends on WP won’t let me do that for very long, though! 🙂
    I see you have made some great friends too. Shaun and Jane are truly amazing people.
    Lots of love,

    • I have spent too long hiding in the dark, it is not a healthy place to be. As you say, WP doesn’t allow you to stay there for long.

      You are right, I have been lucky to have met some fantastic people already. I look forward to getting to know you some more over time.


      • I would love to get to know you too.
        Yes, the dark is a lonely and cold place to be. But I also think it feels safe and it takes a lot of strenght and courage to fight your way out of it.
        The people I have met here are all going through their own rough times, so I am glad I finally found some people who know what I am talking about and who I can relate to. I think that’s very special!

  4. Matt weir

    Thankyou Steven for allowing me to read about your journey so far.
    What shines through almost every few sentences is how positive you are.
    I wish I had read your blog much sooner as it would have been a great help during my recovery at the beginning. (I was very negative and depressed) but like u found a way through.
    I have been up all night reading and its a comfort knowing that other people go through the same experiences I did after leaving hospital.
    Thanks again mate.

    • No problem Matt. I know we have spoken on twitter but if you ever feel like you need a proper chat then drop me a DM and I will give you my number. It’s great to know that my writing has helped you in some way. You are definitely not alone mate!


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