I have been using WordPress for a little over two weeks now. I am enjoying sharing my blog and it has been a privilege to meet talented and inspiring writers.

Reading through many of your blogs I see they have quite rightly been acknowledged with numerous awards. The nominating of awards is indicative of the respect shown across the WordPress network.

I am delighted to have been nominated for some of these awards already.

After much consideration I have decided that despite my gratitude I will decline to accept any nominations.

If I start to accept them I would end up constantly seeking praise. I know that I would, it is a fault of mine and I am very aware of it.

I would rather benefit from all that others have to offer and avoid writing for the wrong reasons.

Regardless of my appreciation, I would prefer these nominations were passed on to others who may use them as a positive source of encouragement.

I hope you understand and thank you for thinking of me.



  1. prayingforoneday

    10/10 for honesty mate. you are not the first person to decline awards. I do them because I have the time. Speech recognition I am “Slowly” working on. I do Audio blogs also, saves the pain on the old wrists.
    But mate, I am just looking forward to sharing and caring. Truly.
    Awards, some do, some don’t.If truth be told they CAN be a pain in the backside. You have to sit for 20 minutes thinking of things to say, then award people. I have 500+ Email followers, and another 600+ followers.
    Just so you know. 2 types of followers here, Email followers. = When you blog, they get an email. Normal followers, meaning when they go to Reader all the people they follow (Non Email) are showing.
    It is in here:
    Go there you can decide who you get emails from, who you can read in Reader. I do both. I get 500+ emails from people who blog, the rest show in reader. Just another small explanation of types of followers.
    I came from using the Pro Version with Jas and Cyber to free, and it is a bit different.
    I had NO IDEA WordPress had this side to it. It really is something.

    Awards, no biggy. Others don’t either.
    I do it ONLY because I can and I have the time buddy.
    People respect honesty on here, so worry not 🙂

    5 points till for the league..Hope we do it at the Weekend though, I am going.
    It will take Motherwell to lose and us to win. So I hope I picked the right game.

    For now

  2. Completely understand. I am not the best at passing them on at times too. Just now that I never expect people to re-award the award…just know you are greatly appreciated by me, and others. Keep up the good battle, my friend. Cheers!

  3. prayingforoneday

    Well said Dave.
    Dave is a good friend of mine on here S.
    Like yourself an UTTER inspiration and all round fantastic person.
    I am glad you both met up. You are meeting all the right people S.
    And MANY are asking me about you, I can only speak highly mate.
    A few now know we knew each other from my brilliant year on Twitter.

    Keep it going bud…
    Dave, any songs tonight? 🙂

    • Your brilliant year on twitter? Must have missed that one 🙂

      Cheers Shaun, I appreciate you ‘keeping an eye on me’. Such a busy cyber-socialite such as yourself!!

      Take care, both of you.

  4. prayingforoneday

    Good man S…;-)
    Appreciated more than you know.
    I am just showing you the ropes 🙂
    Thanks again mate.
    And that idea? let me know.

    Shaun HH

  5. Brilliant to read your posts mate the last one i can relate to so much. I always liked my own company but nowadays i need to have someone in the house at all times or i get panic and daft stuff going thru my head like if i fall and stuff.

    Keep writing make its great to read 🙂 all the best Jamie @maccasixty7

    • Thanks Jamie

      I think it’s something that most people can relate to. Some more than others. Everyone has been through a spell of being depressed or anxious or angry or whatever emotion brings it on.

      Like you, I need somebody near me. I might treat them like shit and ignore them but I still need them there. It’s selfish but I can’t change it, I have tried.

      Cheers pal

  6. Lovely! Please understand that my personal reason for awards are to highlight other bloggers. I won’t feel bad if anyone chooses not to post a response. I just like to have a vehicle to give a shout out and send some love to blogs that deserve a looksee. 🙂

    • I understand and although I don’t post the award I still appreciate the sentiment. Your nomination brought Denise from http://inspired2ignite.com/ to my site so I have you to thank for her many kind words.

  7. Hey, Steven! How are you today? It is raining here in Wisconsin–last year we had a drought so I am not about to complain. I thought of you periodically during the day–sorry, I didn’t read your blog, until the nomination was already sent! I think you might reconsider…just this once…because YOUR story is important for others to hear…I do not have the same obstacle that you have to put up with..I have my own demons…but you give me strength to face them with your courage! And, so you get a little praise…whoop de doo…that is okay…don’t be so hard on yourself from one who knows how to do it so well!

    I have found that the awards are not just for me when I receive them…they also encourage me to go into the blogger world and discover new people—I try to make the majority of the people i nominate, people I have never read prior to the award. I read most of their blog and then decide…and it has widened my perspective of how people look at the world. The nominations I give out are because these bloggers have touched me in some little way to believe that humanity is not as cold and dark as I sometimes feel. The awards have opened me up and have caused me to appreciate the love of others in this world. So many talented individuals, so many people trying to make the best of their lives…all so beautiful!

    So, for this little old lady, give it a thought and accept my VERY SWEET BLOGGIING AWARD given to you!

    • Good morning Jane. I am doing very well thank you for asking. It is raining here as well but that is no great surprise, will probably keep raining all through summer!

      Please don’t play the ‘little old lady’ guilt trip, that’s not fair 🙂

      The main reason that I would love to get involved in the awards would be to interact with more people. Unfortunately what I said above still stands, can’t even make an exception for someone as special as you!!

      Although I won’t pass the awards on or post a badge I do thank you and appreciate the very kind words and for thinking of me in the first place. It’s extra special coming from you.

      Thank you again Jane


      • hugs XXX from the Old Lady of Wisconsin, USA

  8. you inspire me 🙂

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