A line in the sand


I am sorry it has taken me so long to post anything. I realise now that my silence has worried some of you but that was never my intention. Life has kind of taken over is the best excuse I can offer.

I decided to take it easy and post less. That developed into taking a break and that has eventually developed into calling it quits. Not a decision I have taken lightly.

This blog was the perfect tool for me when I needed to explore my feelings and come to terms with my life but I am a different person now. A much happier person.

The new me has moved on. I don’t need to be looking back on the past because I am busy enjoying the now. While I hope I have helped some people through my posts, this will be my last one.

Health is up and down but in general life is great. I am enjoying it more than ever and I have, amongst other things, this blog to thank for that. It has helped me lift the burden of many issues that were weighing heavily on my shoulders. It feels good to shrug them off.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the encouragement and friendship you have offered over the last seven months.
Without it I would have given up on this blog long ago so I owe you more than words for helping me complete the process. All I can offer is a thank you but please know that it is not a flippant one, I mean it sincerely.

I won’t disappear. I will pop by and say hello on your blogs when I can and I hope that you keep writing. You all helped me at some point and if you helped me, you will be helping others.

So this is a line in the sand but I will never say never. The day may come when I need the blog, and you, to help me out again.

Thank you for helping me through this trip. I can say without exaggerating that it has been the most valuable experience of my life and it has set me on the road to a much happier future.




  1. Sorry ur going but glad ur feeling so much better I have loved reading ur blogs and it has also helped me understand what my own mother must feel as she is paralyzed thanks for sharing with us all Steven and wish u all the best for the future xx

    • Thank you Sandra. You have been about since the beginning and I appreciate every comment. Wishing yourself and your mother happiness and health XX HH

  2. So good to hear from you! I am glad you are doing so well. We will miss you of course. Thank you for spending time with us. I wish you all the best my friend. Lots of love and hugz ♥

    • It’s been a pleasure Patty. Keep up the incredible writing and I will pop in from time to time and say hello 🙂

  3. Said before it’s your blog so your call what you do. Also said on more than one occasion that everyone reading your comments would learn something from them, either in understanding your situation better or asking themselves questions about their own lives so it’s been a win-win for all concerned.

    Hope to catch up with you before a match sometime. All the best.

    • I have always appreciated your comments so thank you for being a huge source of encouragement along the way. I have no doubt our paths will cross at some time.

      Take care HH

  4. What a great post to finish on. In Ireland we have an expression, instead of goodbye we say “see ya”. It is less final. so See ya and best wishes.

    • See ya works for me, take care and thanks for everything.

  5. samaritanghirl

    Glad you’re happy 🙂 I don’t know you and I’ve never commented before but I’ve read all your posts, thank you for them, they’re very helpful and inspiring to me, from someone who is a wee bit lost sometime. HH xx

    • I’m glad you finally said hello, even if it is to say “goodbye”. I’m glad you managed to take something from the posts and don’t worry about being lost, it happens to us all!! HH X

  6. You are amazing. I hope to see a blog or two dropped on us. If not, I will think wonderful thoughts of you in your amazing journey. Thanks for sharing it with us friend. You make a difference.

    • Colleen

      You have been my single biggest influence throughout the whole of this blogging world. Your imagination amazes me, how you manage to post every day without diluting the quality is beyond me. You put words together in a way that can take the most simple observation and find some profound meaning from it, a talent that we all should thank you for more often.

      Please take care but don’t think I will be a stranger, speak to you soon.

  7. Lizmm67

    Your posts have been inspirational and educating. Like others on here I hope it is not the very end, but thank you for sharing a little part of you. Wish you well,
    Liz x

    • Who knows Liz. Maybe I will feel the urge from time to time but for now, it has been a pleasure X

  8. Im sad you’re leaving 😦 but very happy for you that life is being good! I’ve been wondering where you were. Sending love and best wishes xx

    • Please take good care of yourself and continue writing, I will be checking up on you to make sure! XX

  9. Trish Brown

    Steven your posts have inspired and enthused so many of us…no strike that inspired and enthused the whole Celtic family. Thanks for sharing a bit of you…it’s been an amazing journey. I know that for me personally I’ve got so much from reading your blogs so a big thank you for that. Sending big ((())) love and best wishes xxx

    • All I can say is thank you Trish. Thank you for coming along with me and thank you for keeping me moving.
      Take care

  10. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    I am truly glad you are enjoying the now. I am glad you can recognise what you need, & when you need change. Good luck, onward.

    • Thank you and thank you for your own beautiful writing, it is a special gift you are good enough to share with us. I will pop by from time to time, you have my word.

  11. Aww, I was taking a look at one of my first comments on my “about” page and was wondering how you were doing. Here I read that life is living with you. I am happy for you and truly wish you more better days and during the not so great days, that you get the support you need and memories of those here who admire and love you…really. You have enabled many to grow…I have. I just read your last post on admitting to drinking and this week I am supporting my 35 yr old son who has just left his partner due to alcoholism. No, I know it is not hte same..what IS the same is the ability to be truthful about our lives…he is finally truthful that he cannot control what is beyond his control. Bless you, Steven, in all that you do and blessings to your mom, family and friends. Oliana xx

    • Thank you Oliana and thank you for all the support along the way. I am going to try and check in on everyone from time to time so look forward to saying hello in the near future.

      Take care XX

      • That YOU took the time to respond here humbles me, Steven. Take advantage of living, my friend. I am so happy for you and would be honoured if you did pass by to read when you have a chance. Blessings and big hugs, Oliana (We`re huggers in Quebec)

      • I’m not adverse to a good hug Oliana, gratefully received 🙂 XX

      • 😀

  12. Georgie Foster

    Steven – hope this is the best way to contact you. You have no idea how much comfort reading this has given me! My mum was in a car accident about a week ago and is pretty much exactly in the same position you were in. She will be paralysed from the neck down and is currently in intensive care on a ventilator and going through some pretty unpleasant operations to re align her spine etc etc, im sure you probably know. Her neck and back broke as well as severe damage to ligaments, plates and spinal chord etc. I don’t really know what im talking about but i can pass on what doctors have told me! She will be in intensive care for a few months I think and then transferred to another hospital for “many months”. She has four children – Me (19, my birthday was the day of the accident!) my sister (15) and my two younger brothers (10 and 8). Obviously we are finding it difficult and as dad spends his entire time at the hospital we are alone at home a lot of the time. But anyway I know you aren’t the person to ask about our troubles but I just wanted to maybe ask you a few questions about mum on email or something? How she will cope etc etc. Generally maybe get a bit of insight on how our and her life will work in general once she is out of the hospital. if this blog is the best way to talk ill ask them on here! Sorry if this message is abit jumbled, haven’t been thinking very straight but was so relieved to find this blog. Hope you get this message and can reply! Im not very good with technology but will try and work out how to check it again. Thanks so much for posting this and for replying if you do 🙂 Georgie x

    • Thanks for getting in touch Georgie, sending you an e-mail right now X

  13. Georgie Foster

    p.s you are possibly one of the most inspiring people I have ever come across. really, thank you so much for writing this.

  14. Hi Steven, I’ve been so behind on reading blogs I’m just now reading this one.
    How bittersweet it is ….I’m so happy for you, ready to move on to the now. But, I’ll miss your truth, words of wisdom, and how you challenged me to think outside my box.
    Keep on keepin’ on, Steven. Best wishes always…Denise

    • Good to hear from you Denise.

      It has been a great adventure and I thank you for sharing it with me but as you say, it has came to a bittersweet ending. I’m going to miss the benefits of having you guys to bounce off but life is calling for other things at the moment.

      Who knows if I will end up blogging again in the future but I will stop by from time to time and check in. Be well XX

  15. Just wanted to let you know I’m thinking of you, hope you’re okay, and wishing you a peaceful happy New Year. Paulette

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