VIP Men’s table at the Simba ladies lunch

On the 15th of September the Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow will host the very first ‘Lola Commons Fund for Simba’ ladies lunch.

The Celtic ladies have been snapping up tickets to help support this great event.

Now there is important news for all the men who would like to be a part of this day and show their support. There will be ONE VIP men’s table with 10 exclusive seats on offer to the highest bidders.

Simba is a charity that honours babies who have died, been stillborn or miscarried. Celtic’s very own Kris Commons and his partner Lisa Hague have launched the ‘Lola Commons Fund for Simba’ and are committed to raising awareness and much needed money on behalf of a charity close to their hearts. Kris and Lisa’s first daughter, Lola, was stillborn on the 1st of February 2008.

The ladies lunch is all set to be a fantastic event and has been greeted with the charitable spirit that makes Celtic fans so unique.

On top of a cocktail reception and lunch the day will be packed full of fun and guest appearances. Celtic players and their partners will battle it out in a Mr and Mrs competition and you can see Frank McAvennie’s chest being waxed by the wag’s. The 10 men will enjoy the luxury of the VIP area and be served their first couple of complementary drinks by the wag’s. Some special Celtic memorabilia will be auctioned off while plenty of other great surprises will be revealed closer to the time.

All you need to do if you want to be a VIP amongst 250 ladies is make sure you submit one of the top 10 bids, starting at £55.

This is the only place you need to come for information about the event and for updates on who will be the privileged 10 to be sitting at the VIP men’s table.

Want to make sure your bid is still in the top 10 come the 6th of September? Watch this space!

The bidding has already started so don’t miss out on one of the top events in the Celtic social calendar. I will update the list below as every new bid is received.

important update – To clarify, only the top 10 bidders will be successful and be seated at the VIP table. If more than one person has submitted the same value of bid then the seat will be go to who entered their bid first. If anyone wishes to increase their bid then it must be raised by a minimum of £10.

Another important update – The closing date for all bids has been brought forward. It is now mid-day on Friday the 6th.

Kevin Lawson – £300 @Kev_360
Paul Lamb – £150 @paolodilamio
Perfect Parties – £150 @perfectpartiesG
Steven McGhee -£150 @stevenceltic81
Joe Hendry – £140 @Joehen55
Peter Smith – £130 @Pcipete
Jim Cunningham – £120 @Lukiebhoy
Lawrence -£120 @sceeeb
Jim Nicol – £120 @jnicol1888
Iain McGovern – £115 @TynesideNo1CSC
— — — — — — — — — — — — —
Kevin Hamilton -£110 @speedy1924
Jimmy Prentice – £100 @jimmy_volta
Scott – £100 @CelticMindedcom
Sam McLeod -£100 @TheSamMcLeod
Paul Larkin – £75 @paullarkin74
Daniel Garry – £67 @MoonbeamsWD
Stuart McDonnell – £55 @thecelticshirt

You can enter a bid by sending me a DM on twitter @stevenceltic81 or an e-mail at

Any questions then please use the comments section below and I will do my best to find out the answer. Sms click



  1. I hope we get to see the end results and how the night goes. I can’t imagine what these families have been through.

    • I know this is nothing similar to my usual posts but this blog was the best platform to promote the lunch. I’ll get back to posting soon, just been really busy.

      I hope you are well Colleen

      • I think it’s wonderful to use your blog for this. I hope it is a success.

        I have been well Steven. Thank you. I am hoping your ‘busy’ will eventually turn in to some more posts. I will wait. 😉

  2. I agree with Colleen on this one. Can’t wait to see the end result.

    • I just hope that the end result reflects what a great cause this is. Thanks pal

  3. What a great idea; keep us posted 😉

    • The interest has been excellent, so many bids and we are only in July!

      I will get back to my normal blogging soon, just been busy with this and a few other things.

      I hope you are doing well Denise

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