Nursing the nation

Please take a few minutes from your day to give this the audience it deserves.

2nd year student nurse Molly Chase recited her poem in front of the National Nursing Congress and it was a thing of powerful beauty.

I will never claim to be an expert on poetry however I do know when I come across something special.

I rely on nurses every day of life and I recognise how they are underappreciated by many. Molly’s words capture aspects of the job so easily forgotten.

Please listen



  1. Molly is a gifted writer and speaker -that was well worth watching. Thank you for sharing!
    PS: I found you through Rachie Adventures 😉

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it. It was a valuable and well timed reminder for myself.

      Thanks for taking the time to say hello, always good to meet a friend of a friend!

  2. Excellent. Reminds us all that we rely on others in difficult times and some credit is due. Not just a job for everyone, many go beyond the call of duty for strangers.

    • As I said, I’m no poetry expert but I thought it was incredible. Spending a shift comforting a dying stranger who has no family or friends must be heavy hearted work. Watching families distraught with grief after an accident isn’t the kind of thing you could just forget at the end of the shift.

      That was a very welcome reminder.

  3. Steven she kept me riveted. I have had the good fortune of having fabulous nurses in my medical crisis. ANd I know, without a doubt, that I do not have the ability to do what they do. I am amazed by every nurse I know. I am posting this on FB for all of my nursing friends and family.

    • I can see that YouTube video going viral, and so it should. The message is relevant worldwide and should be a reminder to all those who take nurses for granted.
      My mother has been a nurse for 35 years and that poem helped me appreciate her even more.

      Glad you are sharing it.

      • Yes it should. Your mother, and nurses every where, truly have something special about them. They should be celebrated and appreciated.

  4. Not wishing to get too political but the key here is the fact it is a vocation and therefore the government can exploit people such as nurses as they don’t do it for the money but for love. Grossly underpaid and continually overworked – god bless the nurses.

    • Nothing wrong with bringing politics into the discussion, it is the key to everything!

      I totally agree with you. As you say, they exploit the love of the job and they also take advantage of new nurses being unwilling to throw away three years of training. The money is an insult considering the work they do. I hope this video is seen far and wide and starts challenging some misguided opinions.

  5. Found you through Colleen’s site today and loved what you had to say. Came here and say this. Teared up. Thank you. I’m a nurse. Paulette

    • You have no need to be thanking me Paulette. I rely on good nurses to survive every day, it is I should be thanking you. I hope you can share this with some of your colleagues to help them realise how much they are appreciated.

      Thanks again

  6. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, and so were all of Becky’s nurses! Thanks for sharing, Steven.

  7. Jacks

    Will watch this, when I get home. My work don’t allow us to watch YouTube, in case we enjoy ourselves too much! lol

    • We can’t be having that! Let me know what you think.

  8. I think she speaks the TRUTH! What is happening in your country, has already happened in this country with teachers. Teachers have become the “poster child” for the economic woes of our state. It angers me so much! Greed has taken over our country and no one cares about a good education. I think the Nursing Student’s poem is beautiful and true!

    • Tragic days when those who should be appreciated the most are the ones who are taken advantage of. Thankfully they are still willing to rise above and perform these jobs for us.

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